Hermiston Chamber of Commerce, Visitor and Conference Center
    Job Description
    The Chamber Chief Executive Officer coordinates and implements the many activities of the Chamber of Commerce, working under board policy guidelines of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He or she coordinates/delegates the activities of many committees and task forces and supervises the work of the staff of these various entities in the pursuit of the Chamber's objectives. As the chief staff officer, he or she may be called upon to represent the Chamber Board of Directors and Officers in contact with the membership, with outside individuals, public agencies and officials, various organizations and groups, and with the general public, all requiring judgment and tact to foster good community/chamber relations. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
    Responsible for assuring that a membership recruitment and retention plan is in place. This may be accomplished by directing and participating in a sales program and working with the appropriate people to ensure adequate membership services.
    Acquaints himself or herself with as many members as possible, familiarity with their business goals and problems, for the purpose of maintaining good membership relations, stimulating communications within the business community, identifying common goals and problems to which the Chamber should address itself, and identifying people who may contribute time and resources to Chamber programs.
    Maintains current statistics and familiarity of the economy of the area, both inside and outside the Chamber membership.
    Cultivates good relationships with city, county, state and federal governments and their elected officials and staff.
    Maintains a high level of communication among the Chamber officers, directors, staff, committees, and members as well as between the Chamber and the general public.
    Coordinates the activities of the Chamber committees, with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and provides necessary personal and staff assistance.
    Oversees all staff activities of the Chamber including the hiring and termination of employees.
    Prepares and implements an annual budget for the Chamber and coordinates expenditures consistent with the budget.
    Reports to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, on a monthly basis, the current status of the membership and finances.
    Informs the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of various problem areas and activities throughout the community that may affect the business sector.
    Other duties as may be required. 
    Benefits include: cell phone allowance, mileage reimbursement, professional development, service club membership, vacation, 401(k) Plan, with matching contribution.
    Salary Range: $50,000-$70,000                      Membership Size:  440
    Chamber Budget: $250,000                             Number of Staff: 2.5
    Population Served 30,000                                Deadline: January 31, 2019
    Certifications and Experience: Graduate of WACE or ACCE preferred
    Send resumes to the Greater Hermiston Chamber of Commerce at resumes@hermistonchamber.com
    Questions? Please submit questions about the position to resumes@hermistonchamber.com
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