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    Job Description
    Tualatin Chamber of Commerce Job Description: Chief Executive Officer

    About the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce
    The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce (TC of C) serves the needs of the business community in the South Tualatin Valley, representing over 1,200 businesses that employ approximately 35,000 throughout the region. This Chamber is dedicated to efforts that ensure Tualatin and the surrounding communities remain vibrant and attractive for businesses, their employees, and the entire regional community.

    Position Summary
    The Tualatin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for all day-to-day operations and administration of the Chamber of Commerce, and is the chief spokesperson for the Chamber. The CEO reports to a Board of Directors and provides regular communications to the Board and committees regarding public policy, programs, events, and other key initiatives. The CEO is a strategic thinker, an exceptional communicator, and has a broad knowledge of industry acumen. Specifically, the CEO is responsible for:
    • Strategic and Operational Planning: In conjunction with the Board and staff, implement a strategic plan and annual program of work to advance the Chamber’s mission. Work with Chamber committees to identify issues and needs and develop plans to address them.
    • Board Relations: Build and maintain strong relationships and communications with the Executive/Finance Committee and Board of Directors. Provide leadership necessary to garner full engagement of Board members. Assist the Executive/Finance Committee and Board meetings and coordinate plans and agenda for annual board meeting.
    • Advocacy and Public Affairs: Identify and manage the Chamber’s relationships and advocacy efforts with local, regional, state, and federal government bodies to achieve desired outcomes. Leverage and maximize the Chamber’s influence through relationships with government officials.
    • Administration and Staffing: Manage a highly effective organization, provide leadership to maintain an organizational culture of excellence, respect, diversity, and collaboration among teams and individuals.
    • Membership Relations, Development and Retention: Work effectively with business leaders of companies and organizations of all types and sizes across the broad range of Chamber members throughout the region. Analyze the needs of members and recommend revisions to increase membership value, engagement, and financial support.
    Personal Characteristics and Experience
    • Familiarity with the unique challenges of running a nonprofit; someone who understands the dynamics of a chamber of commerce or similar organization and who is genuinely interested in working effectively within that universe. Board experience preferred.
    • Willingness to pursue new ideas and challenge traditional thinking.
    • A visionary with the ability to not only create and enhance the vision for the Chamber, but develop a strategy and implement action to achieve it.  
    • Adaptability to changing environments is paramount. Takes initiative; can work independently but in a collaborative way.
    • Leader who embraces diversity and has had success in working with a diverse community.
    • Executive style that can generate respect and support from a wide range of constituencies, including large and small business, nonprofits, community groups, elected leaders and senior staff at the local, regional, state and federal level.
    • Ability to lead the development and implementation of a long term vision that enhances the Chamber’s value proposition and relevance to current and future members.
    Residence Requirement
    It is preferred the candidate reside close to or in the Tualatin community.

    The Chamber offers a competitive salary, cell phone, mileage reimbursement, travel for professional development and benefit package that includes health insurance.

    Contact Information and Procedure
    Submit cover letter and resume as indicated below. Applicant confidentiality will be maintained.
    Mail: ATTN: Susan Noack
    C/O Tualatin Chamber of Commerce
    PO BOX 2718
    Tualatin, OR 97062
    Email: to boardchair@tualatinchamber.com  with “TC of C CEO Opening” in the subject line.

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