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    North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description

    North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce

    Job Description
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Supervisor: Chamber Board of Directors
    Position Overview: The CEO of the NCCC is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic development of the Chamber, its membership and programs. In this highly visible position, the CEO oversees all operational, financial and visioning aspects of the Chamber.
    The CEO is a key representative and advocate for business owners and employers; accountable for providing executive leadership, strategic direction and vision for the development and fulfillment of the Chamber’s mission. The CEO is responsible for the overall management and success of the Chamber; it’s funding, members, employees, programs, and events. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors including an Executive Board and has direct supervisory responsibilities for Chamber staff. The CEO is the official spokesperson for the Chamber and is actively involved in community wide business and economic related issues, events, as well as effectively advocating for business at local, state, and regional levels of government. The CEO is involved in high-level interaction with executives of companies of all sizes, education leaders, community organizations, foundations, and government officials on economic and community development initiatives.
    Specific Responsibilities:
    • Work with the Board of Directors, develop, and implement a well-defined, measurable, program of work for initiatives and programs offered by Chamber.
    • Continually evaluate the Chamber’s programs and services to maintain their effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Collaborate with the Board and partner organizations to identify and manage the Chamber's relationships and advocacy efforts before relevant local, regional, state, and federal government bodies to achieve desired outcomes. Leverage and maximize the Chamber's influence through positive relationships.
    • Manage the Chamber’s Business Recovery Center and ARPA contracts and program deliverables; working closely with staff to ensure successful & timely delivery of programs.
    • Work closely with other Chamber partners to manage shared projects and ensure timely delivery of programs and reporting of outcomes.
    • Follow community and legislative actions that would detract from a favorable business environment, communicate to the Board of Directors when action is needed and support action that would improve the region's business climate.
    • Ensure sustainability of the Chamber by continuous retention and growth of member companies, continuous growth of revenue from member investments, events, and other revenue sources.
    • Management of the Chamber’s financial affairs, including the preparation and maintenance of an annual budgets.
    • Lead in the continuation of building partnerships and programs with the Cities and County in our region. As well as those associations and organizations that reside in the region of Clackamas County.
    • Work with staff and the Board to continually improve on the value of the Chamber’s programs that result in the attraction of new members and the retention of existing members.
    • Administer the development and implementation of annual activities, budgets and monitor the procedures and reports necessary for sound management.
    • Assure that daily activities of the organization work smoothly to serve members, partners, the community, and others, as appropriate.
    • Serve as the official spokesperson for the Chamber with the media, as primary liaison with elected, and appointed governmental officials, major trade and professional organizations and other constituencies.
    • Maintain and continually develop a diverse group of volunteer leaders of the Chamber.
    • Manage a highly effective and efficient organization as measured by staff performance, membership satisfaction, quality programs and initiatives and revenue and expense management.
    • Provide leadership, motivation, and professional development for all staff members.
    • Experience developing and executing annual work plans; experience working with a membership-based organization is highly desirable.
    • Demonstrates knowledge with the unique challenges of running a non-profit operation, experience with the dynamics of a chamber of commerce or similar membership organization.
    • History of creating programs and initiatives that focuses on increasing economic vitality and quality of life.
    • Knowledgeable about the importance of the tourism industry and its impact on the region.
    • Successful experience forging productive alliances across private, public, and governmental sectors and leading public/private partnerships.
    • Experience actively promoting an organization; track record of new membership growth and retention, increased value and appropriate expansion.
    • Demonstrates ability to manage financial affairs of an organization and communicate effectively with Board of Directors.
    • Professional experience with public relations, media relations, and public speaking.
    • Experience in marketing and selling a community and region.
    • Knowledge of workforce training and development issues and implementing programs in collaboration with educational partners to address needs.
    • Strong background interacting, communicating, leading, and participating in meetings with multiple audiences at the public, private and media level; strong public speaking abilities.
    • Ability to effectively articulate goals, objectives, and policy positions of the Chamber to the media and the community.
    • Excellent listener; outstanding written and oral communication skills; effective presentation skills to multiple audiences.
    • Experience bringing groups and individuals together around complex issues.
    • Experience with governance issues and Board of Director interactions.
    • Strategic visionary thinker – ability to set sights on a new future, constantly identifying challenges, threats and opportunities that exist in the environmentability to think differently about how the businesses environment operates and look for new ways to solve problems.
    • Communicator - open and candid about the state of the business environment, acknowledges concerns, works at building morale, celebrates all wins, and encourages others to be proactive about helping to improve the business environment within the region.
    • Relationship builder - ability to ensure alignment within the organization so that everyone is working towards the same goals and that they understand any changes in direction.
    • Inclusion - promotes diversity and inclusion in developing, attracting and retaining minority-owned businesses and interests.
    • Networkerability to build collaborative and productive relationships with others and maintains a wide network of contacts that can be leveraged on behalf of the organization’s goals.
    • Impact and Influencer - ability to generate support from others to achieve the desired outcome, especially in situations where there is no clear “ownership” of the issue under discussion. Exhibit this competency in a planned and strategic way, never randomly. Encourage others to want to follow them even when they don’t have to.
    • Driver for Results - ability to continually focus on achieving positive, concrete results that contribute to the business success of the organization. Display a genuine passion for the region. Seek ways to overcome competitive challenges and develop opportunities.
    • Bachelor's Degree – or – equivalent work experience in marketing, business, finance, or related field of study.
    • Minimum of five years business experience with senior management interaction and a combination of for profit and non-profit experience preferred.
    • Experience in directing staff and managing the financial process of an organization.
    • Excellent communication skills, oral and written; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and group presentations.
    • Strong marketing, public relations and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and industries to grow membership.
    • Understanding of the various social media platforms and how to maximize the chamber’s brand awareness through these marketing channels.
    • Success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships and effectiveness.
    • Must be hands on and willing to do anything that needs to be done in the day-to-day operations of the Chamber
    • Successful completion of a background check.
    Please send resume to: Jobposting@yourchamber.com 
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