• Defend Small Business PAC

    Every year, decisions made by our elected officials have profound consequences for our local businesses. From taxes to workplace mandates, these decisions influence the vitality of our businesses and our communities.  

    This is why it’s important to elect candidates who understand that every small business is essential, and every employee is essential.


  • Closed due to COVID-19Over the last two years, small businesses suffered the brunt of the economic impacts brought on by the pandemic. Small businesses were deemed "non-essential" and forced to close their doors. Local business owners watched helplessly as they lost customers to big-box stores. Workers lost their jobs. Both lost their livelihoods, their income, the ability to pay their bills.

    Some lost everything. Some businesses never recovered.

    The Defend Small Business PAC was created to help elect men and women who believe that small business is the beating heart of our communities. Those who understand the consequences of not prioritizing small businesses and the lives of those who depend on them. Those who will stand with local businesses and say, "Never again."

    It is time to defend our local businesses, our jobs and our communities. 


  • Acting alone, it is difficult for a single local business to make a political impact.
    But together, our collective voice is powerful. 



  • The Defend Small Business PAC helps protect, preserve and foster a political environment that will strengthen local businesses, their employees, their communities, and the private enterprise system.