• Our local business communities need a voice and an advocate
    at the state level. That voice is OSCC.


  • The mission of the OSCC public policy is to:

    • Create a strong state economy by supporting local economies.
    • Advance the views of our local business communities against a wide range of business issues at the Capitol.
    • Remain downstate-driven by focusing efforts on local business and their ability to successfully service their communities. 

    The purpose of OSCC’s public policy is to:

    • Provide education, create awareness, and take action on business issues affecting members on a local, regional, state and federal level.

    OSCC’s public policy activities will include:

    • Staying informed of current issues, policies and legislation
    • Work alongside partner business organizations to advance the views of local business communities against a wide range of business issues in very challenging environments in the Oregon legislature and with our state agencies.  
    • Providing opportunity for OSCC members and the community to receive information regarding legislation, ballot measures and initiatives, and/or other regulatory items affecting local business

    OSCC’s public policy goals are:

    • Viable public policy benefiting member interests
    • Awareness among membership and public at-large regarding issues and legislation
    • Identify needs of local business members and ability to advocate proactively for those needs