• No other business organization in the state represents local business and their ability to successfully serve their communities the way OSCC can. 

    As one of the largest grassroots organization for business in the state - representing more than 80 local chambers and their business communities across Oregon - we work to strengthen local business communities and support Oregon chambers in their ability to do the same. 

    Your membership allows OSCC to maintain our work in these areas to strengthen local business communities and our state. 

  • Oregon State Capitol
  • Chamber Board training with Dave Kilby

    Advancing the voice of business

    Our lobbying efforts keep local business communities at the table in a challenging political environment.

    OSCC works alongside partner business organizations to advance the views of our local business communities against a wide range of business issues and very challenging environments in the Oregon legislature and with our state agencies.




    Leading chambers

    We keep members engaged with professional development programs designed to raise up our chambers and the people behind them. By providing conferences and trainings, we help local chambers utilize best practices in order to support their work in their communities.