• Professional Development & Trainings

  • Our mission is to support and represent Oregon’s local business community by serving as its advocate on business issues and by strengthening local chambers.

  • The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) is the largest grassroots organization for small business in the state, which gives a voice to local business communities large and small in the Capitol. OSCC provides training on a variety of topics to support organizational success for local chambers of commerce.


  • Advocacy-Training.jpg
  • Advocacy Training

    Designed to help chambers develop or strengthen their Advocacy efforts and become the main voice for business in their communities.

    • Creation or augmentation of Government Affairs programs
    • Bolster chambers’ role in public policy
    • Policies, procedures and processes for effective GA programs
    • Board, committee and mobilization team engagement
    • Role of local chamber in statewide advocacy


  • Board-Training-Orientation.jpg
  • Board Training / Orientation

    Provides best practice principles to chamber board members and chamber executives for their role in supporting the chamber’s vision and mission as well as organizational success.

    • Fiduciary and legal responsibility
    • Define the purpose and role of the Board
    • Champion the mission, vision and goals of the chamber
    • Understanding importance of strategic goal setting and developing policy


  • Strategic-Planning.jpg
  • Strategic Planning

    Interactive session with Board designed to create multi-year strategic initiative for the chamber.

    • Establish chamber core competencies
    • Define organizational priorities
    • SWOT analysis
    • Develop strategic objectives and plan for implementation