• Local Chamber Grassroots Partnership


    Although the brand is shared, every chamber is unique. Even though there are differences in the mission, goals, and programs that various chambers choose to take on, our overarching vision is the same: advocating for Oregon businesses.

    The chamber brand is respected and powerful. However, to be successful, the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) is dependent on effective local chamber organizations and local chamber members who will actively collaborate with the state chamber to bring about a better business climate for Oregon. 

    Our goal is to mobilize an effective group of business leaders who are willing to take a stand on public policy issues that impact local businesses and communities. OSCC strives to organize and activate businesses throughout the state with the common goal of building a strong Oregon economy.

    We do this through the Local Chamber Grassroots Partnership.

    The Local Chamber Grassroots Partnership is a collaboration with chamber executives to identify three to six business leaders within the local chamber who are willing to advocate for or against policies at the capitol and/ or with their state representative and senator. The program helps to identify key industry voices to speak with authority on the top issues and explain the impacts the issues have on economic growth.

    Participating chambers are encouraged to fill out this form to opt-in to the program and participate in OSCC’s volunteer grassroots efforts.