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  • Series Highlights  |  October 6 - November 19


  • All Tuesday sessions will be held from 10:00-11:00am. All Thursday sessions will be held from 10:00-11:30am. 

    *Agenda subject to change

      WEEK 1

    SERIES KICK OFF - Tuesday, October 6th

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, October 8th
    What Type of Leader are You? | Cathi Hight

    Cathi Hight
    Cathi Hight


      WEEK 2

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, October 13th
    I’m FINE (Feeling Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional): Emotional Tools to Bring to a Crisis | Diane Green, CC

    Diane Green
    Diane Green

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, October 15th
    Chamber Stages - Where are You? | Kris Johnson, Association of Washington Businesses

    Kris Johnson
    Kris Johnson


      WEEK 3

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, October 20th
    New CEO Training | Vonnie Mikkelsen, CEO, Springfield Area (OR) Chamber

    Vonnie Mikkelsen
    Vonnie Mikkelsen

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, October 22nd
    Have Your Bylaws Become a Bystander? | Jenny Scott, Northwest Leadership Strategies

    Jenny Scott
    Jenny Scott


      WEEK 4

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, October 27th
    Where is the Story in Your Economic Data? | Erik Larson, CEO, e-Impact & Rebecca Martin, CCE, CEO, Greater Federal Way (WA) Chamber

    Erik Larson    Rebecca Martin      
    Erik Larson                  Rebecca Martin

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, October 29th
    The Duty of Foresight: Is Your Board Ready to Lead? | Cathi Hight

    Cathi Hight
    Cathi Hight


      WEEK 5

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, November 3rd
    Advocacy: Your Voice Matters | Chris Eyler, US Chamber; Gary Chandler, Association of Washington Businesses; JL Wilson & Jenny Dresler, Public Affairs Counsel

    Chris Eyler    JL Wilson    Jenny Dresler    Gary Chandler
    Chris Eyler                 JL Wilson                    Jenny Dresler             Gary Chandler

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, November 5th
    Leveraging Multimedia: Prezi, Video & Podcasting | Kyle Sexton

    Kyle Sexton
    Kyle Sexton


      WEEK 6

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, November 10th
    Fundraising in a Virtual World | Kelly Coughlin, Executive Director, SnoValley (WA) Chamber & Stephen Kilbreath, Kilbreath Auctions & Events 

    Kelly Coughlin    Stephen Kilbreath
    Kelly Coughlin             Stephen Kilbreath

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, November 12th
    Diversity, Microaggression & Implicit/Unconscious Bias | Zenovia Harris, Certified Diversity Professional

    Zenovia Harris
    Zenovia Harris


      WEEK 7

    WORKSHOP - Tuesday, November 17th
    Wrap up and Session Analysis | Cathi Hight

    Cathi Hight
    Cathi Hight

    GENERAL SESSION - Thursday, November 19th
    55 Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your Organization | Pete Blank

    Pete Blank
    Pete Blank

    That’s a Wrap! - LIVE | Evening Reception from 4:30-6:30pm



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