• Vision Sponsorship

  • The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce organizes and activates businesses throughout the state with the common goal of building strong local economies. Leveraging the voice of local business communities, OSCC is a powerful grassroots force at the Capitol on critical business issues that impact Main Street.  Committed to the dual goals of grassroots activism and professional development for Chamber professionals, OSCC and local Chambers of Commerce are making a difference in our state.

    Here are some examples of how OSCC engaged in support of its members over the past year:

    • Developed the Pay Equity Guide, the essential tool for complying with Oregon’s new Equal Pay Act.
    • Invested in VoterVoice as the premier grassroots tool for Chamber members to communicate with legislators and impact legislation.
    • Created the OSCC Advocacy Book, the must-have guide for local Chambers and their members that want to be heard and make a difference.
    • Issued timely Action Alerts to give Chambers and their members a turnkey opportunity to advocate on the issues that matter most to local businesses.  
    • Provided industry-leading updates and analysis on Oregon’s legislative process and the critical issues pending to keep all Chambers and their members fully informed.

    Your investment as a Vision Sponsor makes these things possible and is critical to our continued success. 


    For more information on how you can support the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, please contact Colene Martin at colenem@oreognchamber.org.