• 2016 Election Results – Measure 97 Defeated

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    We did it! Measure 97 failed with a 59% No vote. Chambers should be very proud of this accomplishment. We were a driving force behind the grassroots engagement in defeating this Measure.

    As Chamber leaders we have a unique challenge and opportunity to impact public policy in a positive way and put our resources to work for the betterment of businesses and the community at large. Let’s continue the good work as we forge ahead.

    2016 Election Results

    Statewide Races

    • Governor’s Office – Kate Brown (D) vs. Bud Pierce (R):  Kate Brown elected 50-44.
    • Secretary of State – Brad Avakian (D) vs. Dennis Richardson (R):  Dennis Richardson elected 48-43.  First Republican statewide win since 2002.

    Ballot Initiatives

    • Measure 97 – Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services.  Measure 97 defeated with 59% NO.
    • Measure 98 – Requires state funding for dropout prevention, career and college readiness programs in Oregon high schools. Passed.
    • Measure 99 – Creates “Outdoor School Education Fund,” continuously funded through Lottery, to provide outdoor school programs statewide. Passed.

    State Senate Races:  Democrats currently hold an 18-12 advantage.  Overall, it appears Republicans will potentially gain one seat, with an outside chance of gaining two. The competitive races included:

    • SD 3 – Tonia Moro (D) vs. Alan DeBoer (R):  Alan DeBoer leads by 535 votes.  Potential Republican gain.
    • SD 5 –  Sen.Arnie Roblan (D) vs. Dick Anderson (R):  Incumbent Arnie Roblan is hanging on by 294 votes. Potential democratic hold.
    • SD 9 – Sen. Fred Girod (R) vs. Rich Harisay (D):  Senator Girod won easily with 69%.  Republican hold.
    • SD 12 – Sen. Brian Boquist (R) vs. Ross Swartzendruber (D): Senator Boquist won with 62%.  Republican hold.
    • SD 25 – Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D) vs. Tamie Tlustos-Arnold (R): Monnes Anderson wins with 54%.  Democratic hold.
    • SD 27 – Sen. Tim Knopp (R) vs. Greg Delgado (D):  Senator Knopp wins with 59%.  Republican hold.

    House Senate Races:  Democrats currently hold a 35-25 advantage.  Overall, it appears that no seats will change hands.  The only outside chance is that Republicans may gain a seat in HD 51.  The hotly contested races included:

    •  HD 9 – Rep.Caddy McKeown (D) vs. Teri Grier (R):  Almost the shocker of the night.  Rep McKeown holds on 49-46.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 14 – Julie Fahey (D) vs. Kathy Lamberg (R):  Another potential upset averted.  Fahey narrowly prevails in heavily Dem Eugene district, 51-48.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 20 – Rep. Paul Evans (D) vs. Laura Morett (R):  Rep. Evans defends his seat 52-46.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 22 – Teresa Alonso Leon (D) vs. Patti Milne (R):  Republicans best pickup opportunity doesn’t materialize.  Alsonso Leon wins 53-45.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 23 – Rep.Mike Nearman (R) vs. Jim Thompson (I):  It was thought that Rep Nearman was vulnerable, but he wins 52-37.  Republican hold.
    • HD 24 – Ron Noble (R) vs. Ken More (D):  Hotly contested open seat results in Noble defending this vulnerable Republican district, 55-44.  Republican hold.
    • HD 26 – Rich Vial (R) vs. Ray Lister (D):  Another potentially vulnerable Republican seat that did not turn out to be vulnerable.  Vial wins 54-45.  Republican hold.
    • HD 30 – Janeen Sollman (D) vs. Dan Mason (R):  Was thought to be a competitive open seat race, but it wasn’t.  Sollman wins the seat 52-39.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 37 – Rep. Julie Parrish (R) vs. Paul Southwick (D):  Rep Parrish keeps her seat 54-43.  Republican hold.
    • HD 40 – Mark Meek (D) vs. Evon Tekorius (R):  This was supposed to be a very competitive district for a Republican gain, but it never got off the ground.  Meek wins 51-43.  Democratic hold.
    • HD 51 – Janell Bynum (D) vs. Lori Chavez DeRemer (R):  Bynum currently leads by 311 votes.  Potential democratic hold.
    • HD 52 – Rep. Mark Johnson (R) vs. Mark Reynolds (D):  Rep Johnson defended his turf, 55-44.  Republican hold.
    • HD 54 – Knute Buehler (R) vs. Gena Goodman-Campbell (D):  Rep Buehler currently leads by 1,100 votes, but still many ballots to be counted.  Potential republican hold.

    Many thanks for your efforts during this election cycle. You have all made a great impact.

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