• 2019 Legislative Session begins

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    Welcome to the 2019 legislative session!
    Today is the first ceremonial day of the session.  Legislators will be sworn in, the Governor will make her ‘State of the State’ address, and the first batch of 1,500 pieces of legislation will be formally introduced.
    The “official” first day of session, however, will be next Tuesday – January 22nd – when legislative committees will begin their work.  The constitutional end date of the 2019 session is June 30th.
    Every Monday, OSCC will give you our latest analysis of what’s happening and how it impacts your local business community.  We’ll also tell you what needs to be done…and what our chambers can do to have our voices heard.
    This update is meant for you to re-purpose and share with your members in any fashion that you’d like.
    That’s the power of the OSCC – that we all know what’s going on and we all know what we need to do to help.
    Our first request – please get familiar with OLIS (Oregon Legislative Information System).  
    The legislature has done a great job of developing a website that allows anyone to keep tabs on everything related to the legislative session – from legislation to committee hearings and floor votes.  You can even watch hearings and floor sessions live (or recorded) on OLIS!  It’s an amazing tool that you should be familiar with.
    Looking forward to working with you to make Oregon the best it can be for our local business communities.
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