• Deadline fast approaching to endorse Measures 103 and 104 in the November ballot

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    Forty two Chambers joined together in opposition to Measure 97. We are looking for the same effort to help pass Measures 103 and 104 this November! 

    Has your board endorsed Measure 103 or 104? The campaigns need to hear from you by Friday, August 24 to assist in meeting Voters Pamphlet deadlines. 

    Please join OSCC in signing on to a Voters Pamphlet Statement, and lend these important ballot measures the credibility that comes with the Chamber brand. 

    If your Chamber has endorsed Measure 103, contact Ron Smith at smithrds@mac.com by this Friday

    If your Chamber has endorsed Measure 104 contact Rebecca McAuliffe at rebeccam@quinnthomas.com  by this Friday

    Don't forget to send your SEL 400 form, acknowledging formal endorsement.

    If you have made your endorsement, please let Jenny Dresler know and we can provide assistance with the SEL 400 form if needed. Please don't hesitate to contact JL Wilson or Jenny Dresler with questions relating to the endorsement of either measure.

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