• Election day approaching - show your support for Measures 103 and 104

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    We are one week out from the election and we need your help!
    OSCC has given our official endorsement to Measure 103 and Measure 104 and now we are in the final days to support these campaigns to pass these critical measures.  
    Here's what you can do
    • Send a message to your members asking for their support. You can learn more about these measures by visiting VoteYESon103.com and YESon104.com.
    • Review the Yes on 103 one-pager and Yes on 104 one-pager and share them with your members and community.
    • Most importantly, vote YES on Measure 103 and Measure 104 and return your ballot by November 6th. 
    The last day to mail your ballot is Wednesday, October 31st. After that, ballots should be returned to an official election drop box. Click here to locate a drop box near you.
    By supporting these measures, OSCC is standing with Oregon's businesses and families. Every vote matters and every vote will make the difference this election. 
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