• Mission Sponsorship

  • The most important role small business plays in the economy is job creation. A healthy economy requires business growth and sustainability. When small businesses are healthy and prosperous, the community-at-large benefits and prospers, too.

    At the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce our team represents Oregon’s local business communities by serving as an advocate on business issues, strengthening local chambers with professional development and the needed resources for their success in their own communities. We are the largest grassroots organization in the State of Oregon that gives a voice to local business communities large and small.

    We work closely with chambers to do this in in a couple of ways:

    • Drive business legislative priorities and agenda by bolstering and increasing chamber role in public policy.
    • Provide professional development opportunities and education for chamber executives and staff through programs, training and conferences.

    We are seeking organizations that support Oregon State Chamber of Commerce ideals to consider becoming a Mission Sponsor. As a sponsor you are becoming a critical part of success to your local Chamber of Commerce as well as your community. 

    For more information on how you can support the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, please contact Colene Martin at colenem@oreognchamber.org.