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  • What is the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce PAC (OSCC PAC)?

    The OSCC PAC is a bipartisan PAC that supports large and small business needs. Traditionally, we support and make contributions to incumbent legislators, select candidates, and ballot measures that promote a pro-business agenda. 


    State and local elected officials make decisions every day that impact the success of local businesses. From healthcare to new workplace mandates, these decisions influence the economic vitality of your business and your community. We support elected officials who are pro-business - those who fight to protect your business from trial lawyers, detrimental changes to workers compensation reforms, costly workplace mandates, and other anti-business legislation. The job-killer agenda is heavily funded by personal injury lawyers and public employee unions, and we need your support to effectively get the right candidates in office. 

    Ballot Measures

    OSCC PAC helps to qualify, support and/or oppose statewide ballot initiatives. Funds contributed to OSCC PAC are used for initiative campaign expenses, including polling research, message development, and media execution.


    How it works

    OSCC PAC's priority is to help elect candidates who understand the need to support local entrepreneurs and economic development. Acting alone, it is difficult for an individual business to make a political impact. The OSCC PAC gives you the opportunity to pool resources to help elect candidates who support YOU and your ability to create jobs and provide quality of life for your community. 


    Vibrant businesses, stronger communities

    How are decisions made?

    OSCC PAC endorses candidates in statewide and legislative races. Our endorsement include Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. The PAC Board makes decisions with the goal of supporting local businesses and growing a strong state economy. 

    The candidate endorsement process works like this:

    1. The Government Affairs Council screens candidates running for office using a combination of in-person interviews, candidate questionnaires, candidate forums, and/or the candidate's voting records. 
    2. Government Affairs Council members vote on whether to recommend endorsing a candidate.
    3. The Council brings all recommendations for endorsements to the OSCC Board of Directors. The Board then votes on whether to accept the recommendation.

    Members of the OSCC PAC Board of Directors decide how funds will be distributed. Note that the OSCC PAC is funded separately from OSCC.


    Why is it important?

    We need your help promoting a pro-business agenda to help those at the Capitol understand that vibrant local businesses mean stronger communities. Our collective voice packs a powerful political punch. 


    How do you contribute?

    We make contributing to the OSCC PAC easy. Submit a contribution online or you can also print, complete, and mail this form to the PAC directly.

    Oregon State Chamber of Commerce PAC
    867 Liberty St. NE
    Salem, OR 97301

    Oregon State Chamber of Commerce PAC ID# 17474

    Oregon provides an incentive to participate in elections. The provides up to a $50 political tax credit to individual tax files (or $100 for couples who file jointly) when you donate to a political campaign. *Note that as of the 2014 tax year, the tax credit is only available to individuals with incomes under $100,000 and joint filers with income under $200,000.


    For more information on how you can support the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce PAC, please contact Colene Martin at colenem@oreognchamber.org.


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